Printing & Fabrication

One of the many reasons so many customers choose AllStar Signs for all their Lubbock and West Texas sign needs, is that we provide more than just signs – AllStar Signs goes above and beyond to provide completely customized sign solutions tailored to each specific customer’s need and business. Our company is able to design & fabricate any type of sign our customer can dream up.

As a leader in custom sign fabrication, we have access to every tool necessary to create, cut, and print the best possible signs for any need.  Our goal is to be your sign company of choice no matter what your customization need. Our high quality print and fabrication solutions offer any number of different customization options including, but not limited to:

  • Size – “Big or Small”, we can create something as small as a custom metal name plate for your business, to a large free-standing LED sign that can be seen day or night .
  • Color – We have nearly every color possible, including hand painted colors and printed colors. We can even create translucent, black and white, single color signs when appropriate.
  • Shape – We can also create nearly every type of shape imaginable for any custom sign ideas you may have.

Businesses all over Lubbock and West Texas choose AllStar Signs because we are industry leaders in creating unique, effective, high quality signs for any purpose. We strive to ensure that whether it’s a small sign for your local realtor open houses, a vehicle wrap for your company truck, or a custom fabricated led sign big enough for your corporate headquarters, we are the first place to call.

AllStar Signs offers competitive prices, free estimates, quick turnaround, endless sign types, out of dozens of materials and hundreds of colors and shapes. Call us now to find out more.

What we do

In-House Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team has over 20 years of experience creating graphics for every type of sign client.

Even the most basic business sign is comprised of specific design elements that affect the overall look of your message and brand. The AllStar design and fabrication team is made up of trained sign experts tasked with considering many design elements and factors in order to create a sign that best represents your brand and spreads your message.

Every sign is different – from the size of the sign, materials needed, to fabrication and installation requirements. At AllStar Signs, we are happy to work with you and make sure that your final design matches your vision.

Full-Service Maintenance & Repair

Reality is: Signs are everywhere. They display your brand or business location to customers. They provide rules for the customers & employees. They showcase your businesses products & services. They are one of the most important tools for representing your brand to the public. At AllStar Signs, we create some of the highest quality signs on the market today, however even the best signs can break down, or become damaged over time. That’s why we also offer comprehensive sign maintenance and repair services.

Our full maintenance and service protects you when the unexpected happens. We provide standard sign maintenance & repair, as well as all exterior light fixtures including parking lot lights and wall packs. We have helped many local businesses recover from the winds, floods and blizzards that strike our region, and would love to offer your business the same service and peace of mind.

Custom Vinyl Wraps & Decals

When a business owns or operates a company vehicle, the vehicle is essentially unused advertising space. Since the vehicle already belongs to the company, the next step is to ensure it gets as much attention as possible to help increase brand awareness and attract consumers to your business or product. That can be accomplished with a variety of vinyl products. Regardless of budget, full color, custom designed, incredibly vibrant and durable wraps and decals at AllStar Signs can increase exposure of your brand. Our expert in-house graphic designers offer unique, cutting-edge graphics to give your business a memorable, head-turning wrap or decal. Today’s vinyl can be applied to almost anything from cars, trucks and boats to windows, walls, and floors. Wrap your vehicle, or add custom vinyl to your office or business to promote your business ten-fold!

Building Mounted & Freestanding Signs

Pole mounts include direct burial or a match plate design, Monument Style signs create bold statement right at eye level. Our experienced design staff can assist you in bringing together the perfect mix of style and materials to fit your needs.

Display your company in vivid light. Our handcrafted signs utilize a variety of lighting techniques, such as LED, neon, bulbs, and more. Styles include channel letters, Halo-lit letters, and Specialty Fabricated signs. Explore them all here and see what the perfect blend of style and lighting options is for your application.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are more universal than most sign options, they can be used both outdoors and indoors, are highly visible both day and night, they are bright and highly visible in all types of weather, and allow your business to be advertised even after hours.

Unlike many other sign options, a neon sign can be an effective 24/7 marketing tool. They are eye-catching, memorable and the perfect way to bring new customers or remind old customers that you are there to help when they need you.